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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> catherine: tonight. the rain is coming to a stop. this - after scattered showers and some serious rainfall throughout the day. this is a live look outside at san francisco and the bay bridge. it might be drizzly.but
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things have been clearing up. jacqueline - you say it's expected to warm up? >> jacqueline: he is expected to to warm up. the rainfall as you just mentioned has been tapering off. even some lingering showers persistent through the sierras and decreasing the clouds. and to the east and to the south. rainfall totals most in the north-bay at mount st. helena. and it has been light but showery for the most part. traces at most locations. as a duty to outside at the golden gate visibility is slightly reduced. you can see that our different visibility stations with the exception of half moon bay. for the overnight hours decreasing clouds. tomorrow even warmer but breezy. who will take a
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look at it the weekend forecast, coming up. >> catherine: extra security. tonight, the san rafael police watched over a protest at a town hall meeting on affordable housing. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. the crowd remained peaceful. >> reporter: san rafael police officers stand among the crowd. and, watch from a distance. as this group of protestors rally against the organization -- citizen marin. made up of marin county homeowners. holding a town hall meeting inside this auditorium. on the most practical ways to bring affordable housing to the county. the group inside says it disagrees with a statewide initiative to lower greenhouse gas emissions. by creating more affordable housing near transportation corridors. those organizerrs say that could lead to building
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uneccesary retail shops and high priced condos. and, that there are better solutions. but the groupd outside doesn't see it that way. the meeting ended without incident. there were no arrests. most of the protestors stayed outside, boycotting the town hall meeting. in san rafael, philippe djegal, kron four news. the golden gate bridge will start all-electronic tolling next wednesday and, as jeff bush explains, the speed limit at the toll booth will also change. when you cross the bridge next wednesday morning the toll takers will be gone. and, so will the 15 mile an hour speed limit. the new speed limit of 25 miles an hour will be in place to keep traffic moving more smoothly.
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>> andy barclay c.h.p.: usually, other speed limit at electronic toll taking bridges are 25 m.p.h. we could raise the speed limit and hopefully help traffic flowing a bit better >> on other bridges in the bay area, the fast track lanes are set at 25 miles an hour. so, when deciding the new speed limit on the bridge, once this all goes electronic, once there's no toll takers in these booths we can raise the speed limit and help get traffic flowing through here a little better. >> reporter: which means less of this. the video was speeded up and you can see the stop and go action at the bridge when people pull up to pay the toll. bridge officals and the chp are expecting less conjestion at the toll plaza when electronic tolling comes online. >> barclay: there's going to be an adjustment phase for everyone here. the speed limit has been here for quite a while so, everyone is going to be adjusting to this new thing so we will be down here to make sure the transition and everything
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that is new will run as smoothly as possible and we are going to do our best to make sure that we can help out with that whenever it is possible. >> reporter: chp and bridge officials are expecting a fairly smooth transition when the bridge goes cash free next wednesday but they want to remind drivers to pay extra special attention, especially in the first couple of days after the transition is made. i'm jeff bush at the golden gate bridge in san francisco, kron four news. police are looking for the head coach of a traveling bay area baseball team.suspected of molesting one teenaged boy, and secretly filming another in a bathroom. authorities say there may be more victims. a 300-thousand dollar arrest warrant has been issued for 52-year-old joel kaufman of orinda. he coaches the california smoke, a baseball club based out of the san jose. it's players are from all over the bay area. kaufman is also the owner of triple play u-s-a, a batting cage facility in san leandro. kron 4 caught up with parents who were shocked at the charges. absolutely unacceptable to
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be around a child or to be around any children. i mean my daughter is 16 i bring her here all the time.i hope the charges aren't true. >> catherine: police first arrested kaufman in august after the parents of a boy he allegedly molested called orinda police.but charges were not filed. ( gunfire ) >> in vallejo. a stand-off between police and a suspect ends in a hail of gunfire, the suspect dead tonight. that shoot-out was caught on camera by a neighbor. you can see the swat team using an armored vehicle to move in on the house. this is helicopter video from our partnership with abc 7. police say the man had been pointing a gun at neighbors earlier in the day. at one point they say he broke a window and pointed a shotgun at police. officers say when they finally entered the home, they found a shotgun next to the man, but police did not say if he died from a self- inflicted wound
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tonight, police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 20 year old man in antioch. it happened this afternoon -- just off the campus of a grade school at william reed drive and west madill street. marsh elementary was not placed on lock down. no word on on the identity of the victim. police do not have any suspects. this was antioch's second murder of the year. tonight dozens of weapons are off the streets thanks to east palo alto police. seven assault rifles 10 handguns and more than 5-thousand rounds of ammunition were found in a storage locker in redwood city. two men are in custody in the case. the investigation is on- going. new at 11. recordings have surfaced -- of an anti-gay tirade by folk musician michelle shocked.
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it was during a sunday night performance in san francisco.. fter the rant, the club, yoshi's, pulled the plug and ended the show. since sunday, at least 10 venues around the country have cancelled shows, saying they disagree with shocked's comments. she is a born-again christian. today, she issued a statement, saying. >> "i do not, nor have i ever, said or believed that god hates homosexuals.i said that some of his followers believe that. i'm very sorry: i don't always express myself as clearly as i should." still ahead. we're learning more about an officer involved in a deadly shooting this week. he was also involved in an earlier deadly confrontation. then. businesses in the mission team up to crack down on cell phone thefts also -- why san francisco's own carnival is in crisis!
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>> tonight. we're learning the name of the police officer involved in the
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latest officer-involved shooting in san jose. he is bruce barthelemy - a 5-year veteran of the department. video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news shows the scene monday night. barthelemy fired one round, killing the still unidentified driver of a stolen car. police say the driver was trying to run the officer down. they also confirm that barthelemy was involved in another officer-involved shooting in november of last year. when he shot and wounded a suspect in a murder and robbery rampage. the santa clara county sheriff's office is handling the latest investigation. barthelemy is on administrative leave during an investigation by police internal affairs and by the d-a.
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bar managers from the mission district plan to team up to stop cell phone thieves from plaguing their neighborhood. they've established a system where bartenders can send out text alerts about crimes or suspicious activity. that will let them alert neighboring bars - when pickpockets are roaming the area. the managers say the thieves seem to target people with smart phones on busy weekend nights. we talked to a few of them about the problem. >> being stolen >> the use of distractions tactics. >> the wait for busy moments. >> it is happening everywhere and we cannot seem to catch these people. nobody else either so it is baffling. we want everyone to be happy we do not want them to feel afraid are
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going to are to have a drink. >> catherine: at the same meeting the merchants also got advice from police on how to make customers and staffers alert to crime. they showed signs which were posted in bars around the castro last year which are credited with cutting the number of cell phone thefts in that area. >> an annual tradition in san francisco's mission district might not happen this year. you are looking at video from last year's carnaval celebration. the organization that usually puts on the parade ran out of money. a new group just stepped in.but has a lot of work to do. it needs to raise 170- thousand dollars and get 500 volunteers in order to keep carnaval going for its 35th year. if they don't get the help needed, organizers could
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cut some of the celebrations. carnaval is scheduled for may 25th and 26th this year. the city is investigating why the original group in charge ran out of money. >> jacqueline: acting to the 60s. let us take a look of the satellite and radar. this system has pressed through. as for take a look of the fog tracker 4. to the delta and the inland valleys. by 6, notice it is expected to pick up overnight. through the east bay. and by age, clearing and sunny skies by a temperatures of the door. 38
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and nab 60s through mountain view. 50s along the coast. and berkeley, alameda. as for the sierras. we will start to 70 creasing clouds. a look a your extended forecast. changes and the
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chances of rainfall, coming up. president obama is a huge basketball fan and before heading to israel tuesday, he filled out his bracket for the n-c-a-a tournament. he picked louisville, indiana, ohio state and florida to reach the final four. the president picked indiana to win it all. in 2009 he picked north right. this year we have some local teams taking part. gary will preview the cal and st. mary's games - which are both tomorrow. that's coming up in sports. republicans say they're are not too happy at the priority march madness is taking in the president's life. this is what one tennessee lawmaker had to say. >> senate democrats finally came to the table and introduced a budget. unfortunately, it never balances despite the fact that it raises taxes by one-point-five trillion dollars. we are still waiting for a budget from the president though i suspect we will see a march
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madness bracket from him before we see a budget. >> catherine: the senate passed a compromise bill to fund the government through the end of september. it would avoid a partial federal shutdown -- and soften the blow of sweeping spending cuts. lawmakers have until march 27-th to approve a spending plan. the senate measure now heads to the house. yahoo has bought silicon valley startup -- "jybe." jybe was a mobile service that gathered people's recommendations about food and entertainment. it's now closing - and its five employees will work on mobile apps for yahoo. the deal marks yahoo's fourth such acquisition in the past five months.
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in sports. the warriors try to win in san antonio for the first time since 1997. . and lebron and the heat. down 27 points. would their 23-game win streak finally end? gary has the answer. and the rest of the sports. next naa tournament on not.te hottest story in sports belomngs to miami. heat go for 24th straight win in cleveland lebron james noticed some water on the floor for a leaking scoreboard and alerted officials game was delayed more than 30 minutes while the arena crew attended to it
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gametime 2nd quarter/ 50-33 cavs wayne ellington hits the jumper the cavs led by 27 points at one point 4th quarter/ 77-74 cavs james hits the 3-pointer to tie it at 77 james then hits another 3- pointer to take the lead 80-79 heat 4.7 seconds left heat up 3 c.j. miles misses the 3- pointer that would have tued it the heat come back to win the 24th straight game final: 98-95 heat last time the warriors won in san antonio 1997. warriors/spurs
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tim duncan warriors have lost 28 straight in san antonio stephen curry 3-pointer 4th quarter/ 79-70 spurs manu ginibli coming off the screen hits the jumper 81- 70 spurs 4th quarter/ 94-89 spurs duncan hits the mid-range jumper 96-89 spurs final: 104-93 spurs st. marys palyed last night i dayton..uon. st. mary's into 2nd round last night matthew dellavedova & the st. mary's gaels beat middle tennessee st. 67-54 to advance to what they call the 2nd round of the ncaa tournament dellavedova had 22 points in the win st. mary's next faces the 30-4 memphis tigers st. mary's vs. memphis tomorrow at 11:45am
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